Buy the Discount


Our favourite XRP is back. So far, XRP is down 18 percent from last week’s highs but could pull back above 50 cents. Once it does, conservative traders can buy on pullbacks with first targets at 80 cents as per our previous XRP highlights.

It’s like the anticipation of SEC to deliver a favorable ruling on XRP has got investors on a chock hold. Thing is, it will be a tap-out for XRP should the SEC say it is far from being a utility. On the flip side, it will soar; lifting with it the market if it turns out XRP is a utility not subject to SEC oversight. This shall place it on the same level as Bitcoin which SEC considers a utility with no third parties that can control price.

When we paste a simple Fibonacci retracement tool between week ending Sep 23 we find that prices are within the 61.8 percent and the 38.2 percent correction levels. On top of it, the lower limit of our buy zone is near an important previous resistance now support at 40 cents. Therefore, despite deep losses in the last week, XRP buyers should stay put and load on every correction with first targets at 80 cents.

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency trading platform by average trading volume, now says XRP is the best accessory for sending and receiving funds. Though voting is ongoing, the benefits of using XRP as a cross border fund movement facilitator are numerous. By design, the cryptocurrency is designed to be an on-demand liquidity tool that Ripple is promoting.
At the moment, XRP is stable but lower. It is 33 cent lower after peaking from 80 cents but the anticipation from the community coupled with fundamental events could help thrust prices towards the $1 in coming days.

Be on this fantastic and stable crypto and be part of the future. The 100% is here for you, just be on the Ripple. Till the 80 cents and the 1$ in the price of Ripple, you have the chance to make an almost 100% profit NOW!