We can see a beautiful kick off from the Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) stock, the biggest bullish candle-stick for many months. 1,5$ higher till now than yesterday at 34,10$ price. There is still a lot to go, not even 8 weeks ago the TWTR were traded at 47 dollar price. Put the TWTR on your wathchlist or in your portfolio!


Upcoming Thursday, 23th of August the Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) is announcing its quarterly report. We can see the results before the market is opening, so the PRE-Market trading will give us some indication of the trades opinion. The expectations between 11-13 Billion $, and these numbers could show a 50%+ growth in the last 8 q/q reports. In any point of view, the BABA is leading the E-commerce developments, and can be the biggest winner of US-China trade war. In our opinion the 300$ target price is right next to the corner, the only thing which keeps the stock on low price (lucky us), because most of the people are afraid of Chinese stock, cause of the trade war, but BABA is exception! Look behind the scene, and put some BABA in your pocket.


Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), the unstoppable internet television network, made a big announcement today: the plan is to separate as much as possible the clients from Apple Inc., shows it the move, that NFLX is cutting the iTunes payments, and building up straight payment methods.
The stock price is rising adding +10% yesterday and today from the 310$ low to 340$.
Check the chart, is 420$ coming again?


As the J.P. Morgan downgraded the Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) target price cutting it from $308 to ONLY $195 the market did not really care, pushing the stock $37 higher, from the local low $285 to much higher than $308. Another proof, that no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow (even the “BIG” New Yorker analysts). To trade TSLA is like being an entrepreneur on your own. Like in the real life ups-and-downs and the roller-coaster feeling is a usual thing.
BUT if you check closely you can find out some specification:
1 direction: recently on M15 chart the price moving straight up or down
Big GAPs: dangerous to keep it overnight
Scalping: short-term bigger positions closed within the trading session